Zadar County

Zadar County is one of seven Croatian littoral counties situated in the very centre ofthe Adriatic coast. Its geographical position encompasses both mountainous inlandand the littoral, linking important areas of the Croatian littoral and Central Croatia.It is traversed by the Adriatic “tourist” route, the Zagreb – Split motorway and therailroad route Zagreb – Knin – Split, therefore its geo-traffic position with moderntraffic infrastructure is of great importance in connecting not only regional centresof northern and southern Croatia, but equally, European centres.

The construction of the new passenger and cargo Port of Gaženica, as well as ZadarAirport which, with its numerous routes, connects Zadar with the whole Europe,not only bringing additional quality to the county’s traffic connections, but they alsohave an extraordinary effect on the economy development.

There are 6 towns and 28 municipalities in the Zadar County. The largest city andadministrative centre of the County is Zadar – 3.000 year-old and the fifth largestcity in Croatia. Zadar is also educational and economy centre of the region. The agesof existence and perseverance are noticeable in its cultural heritage through whichthe most valuable pages of Croatian history are recorded. The University of Zadartestifies that fact, being a successor of the Dominican University founded in 1396.

Zadar County has total area of 727.623 km², of which 364.333 km² belongs to inlandarea and 36.329 km² to the littoral part of the County. These data are definiteindicator of the maritime orientation of the region, primarily in economic terms. Theheadquarter of the largest shipping company in Croatia – Tankerska plovidba – is alsoin Zadar, and the Zadar County is taking a leading role in the fishing and mariculturesectors, the economy branches with the largest share in regional exports.Due to the natural beauties and richness of the cultural and historic heritage, themain economic branch in development of Zadar County is tourism and itscomplementary activities. Although primarily known to nautical visitors, the touristproduct of Zadar County is particular favourite for tourists who desire an authenticMediterranean atmosphere and family vacations. 

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Copyright 2021 Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province.
All rights reserved.