Parana is located in the South of Brazil and bordered on the north by São Paulo state, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the republic of Paraguay and the Misiones Province of Argentina. It covers an area of 199,314.9 km2. Its capital city is Curitiba. The population of Parana in 2008, was 10,535,000, of which 84.5% are urban citizens. Parana enjoys a tropical climate.

In 2006, Parana’s GDP accounted for 5.8% of the national total. The services industry contributed 62.7% of local GDP while industrial and farming sectors contributed 29.1% and 8.2% respectively.

Parana is well noted for rich tourism resources. Receiving tourists 6.5 millions-7 millions person times per year, Foz do iguazu is the second largest tourism destination in Brazil. The residents mainly engage in tourism and business. Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Station, the largest in the world and the famous Iguacu falls are located in this city.

The main crops in Parana are corn, sugar cane, soybean, silkworm cocoon and coffee. Parana is the largest producer of corn and second of sugar cane and soybean in Brazil. Silkworm cocoon industry in Parana gained a fast development after 1970’s. In 2002, the yield of silkworm cocoon in Brazil was 9900 tons, 90% of which was from Parana. Having more than 90% of its raw silk exported, Brazil is the second largest exporter only next to China.

Relying on relatively developed industry and farming, Parana’s economy ranked the fifth nationwide. In 2007, the trade volume between Parana and China reached USD 1.402 billion, accounting for 6% of the total Sino-Brazil trade of the year proper.

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