Lubuskie Province


Lubuskie province “The green area of Poland”— covers the territory over Nysa Łużycka, Obra, lower Warta and middle Odra rivers; its western part borders the German lands: Brandenburg and Saxony and on the Polish side it borders the following provinces: Western Pomerania, Lower Silesia and Greater Poland.

Lubuskie, very picturesque, thick wooded areas, with many rivers and lakes offers many attractions both at weekend as well as for a longer stay. Regardless of the season of the year our Guests, especially active tourism lovers find something interesting for themselves.

Lubuskie province is one out of five regions of Poland of the lowest environment pollution. It has over 500 water ponds, and plants and the surface features amaze us by their diversity.

In order to protect the area that almost half is covered by forest  the first position in terms of forest in Poland — many reserves, landscape parks and nature-landscape complexes were created.


Very unique attraction in Europe scale is the fauna reserve “Nietoperek” in the underground of the Międzyrzecz Fortification Region, where every year over 30, 000 of bats spent winter; and water birds reserve in the National Park “Mouth of the Warta River”. The nature lovers will be attracted by the landscapes of Sława and Łagów Lake districts and many picturesque tourist routes leading through the areas of landscape parks.

Lubuskie Land was very lucky during the chaos of wars and history because now it is possible to admire there numerous beautiful historical monuments; first of all defence and sacral architecture: castles, churches, convents, old fortifications and lapidaries. Many palaces and manor houses are hidden in small towns or villages.

The Mużakowski park located on the area of Lubuskie province was entered into the UNESCO list of World heritage.

The pearl of Lubuskie is Międzyrzecz Fortification Region – one of the biggest and the most interesting fortification system in Europe available to visit.

A great example of sacral architecture is former monastery of Cistercian in Gościkowo-Paradyż- architectonical beauty in Poland.

Lubuskie means not only nature, forests or unique monuments. Lubuskie offers many cultural events, concerts and regular shows organised all year round in different locations of the region. Many of them have international character and invite visitors from abroad creating the image of the region.

In free time it is possible to attend sports and recreation centres, including also the biggest in Gorzów Wielkopolski and Zielona Góra.

The biggest and most recognised events are: Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn, Days of Zielona Góra - Wine Festival, Fortifications Enthusiasts Rally and Nenuphar’s Night in Lubrza, Lubuskie Film Summer in Łagów, and furthermore Gorzów and Zielona Góra music festivals. A great attraction, especially for children is visiting Zoo-Safari in Świerkocin and the nearby Dinosaurs Park in Nowiny Wielkie.


Wine–making, bee-keeping and honey traditions date back to Middle Ages and create at present a very important element of tourist promotion of the region. The traditions lead to development of Lubuskie Trail of Wine and Honey where those interested can familiarize with rich tradition of alcoholic beverages production and … taste the products of local producers.

Lubuskie is well known from forests and lakes. The advantages of this area are appreciated by lovers of water sports. The Odra river, Warta, Noteć and Bóbr flow across this region offering many sailing and canoe tourist routes. Furthermore there are many well operating sailing centres.

Horse riding amateurs may choose out of several horse-riding centers, providing great variety of services. Some of them are active at the agro-tourist farms, others at guesthouses, hotels and inns located among forests and lakes.


Walking lovers many choose among several well marked tourist routes of total length of almost 1500 km. These are both nature and city routes of different level of difficulty leading through the most attractive places of the region.

Lubuskie province is a perfect place for bicycle riders. Many bicycle routes across enchanting areas invite both competitive and regular ride amateurs. Bicycle riders can enjoy many forest camping places, agro-tourist farms, guesthouses and bivouac sites.

The capital city of air tourism in Lubuskie is Przylep near Zielona Góra. The fly club renders fly, training, hotel and catering services. Anybody interested may admire the beauty of Lubuskie Land from the air, join the course or try a tourist fly by the airplane or glider.

Anybody with adventurous spirit can try car rallies organised on the biggest in Poland military training areas. Those rallies are both for professional drivers and amateurs.

Lubuskie is a perfect place for hunters. The abundance of game attracts Polish and foreign hunters. It is possible to hunt deer, fallow deer, roe-deer, wild boars or variety of birds. Very often results of hunting are “medal  winning” wild boars and deer.

Clear water of the local lakes invites anglers. The abundance of fish species attracts the amateurs of this sport all year round. It is likely to catch among others: European white-fish, trout, white amur, tench, pike, crucian carp, eel and many others.

The tourists staying in Lubuskie may choose different form of accommodation: from four stars hotels to wellness and spa centres offering biological regeneration and many camping places, youth hostels and spread in many attractive places of the region agro-tourist farms.

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Copyright 2021 Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province.
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